Converting word documents to PDF files may be common knowledge, but not a lot of people can convert PDF to word documents. It is a simple process; you only need a PDF editor to get the job done. PDF editors carry out a variety of functions and are available offline and online.


The offline option is good for when you are on the go without internet access, while the online option gets the job done faster with real-time edits.


There are seas of PDF conversion tools on the internet, and this article will cover the best of them all.

8 Best Online PDF Converters

Check out the best online PDF converters, in no particular order:

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Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online document editor that allows you to work on PDF files securely. This tool enables you to convert PDF to word online using advanced features.


With Lumin PDF, you can share files with your team in real-time for easy collaboration. Another reason why Lumin PDF is one of the best PDF conversion tools online is because it integrates seamlessly with Google Apps.


You can open your files with Lumin PDF directly from your Google Drive or Docs. Lumin PDF has simplified the use of advanced tools for your editing needs, and it is a great starting point for people looking to convert PDF files, even as a beginner.

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UPDF converter

UPDF is a straightforward and safe offline PDF converter for Windows and macOS devices. UPDF lets you convert PDF to Doc, PPT, Excel, CSV, JPG, TXT, HTML, XML, and PNG. It serves as a one-stop shop for all your PDF conversion tasks.


The UPDF converter also comes with an inbuilt OCR engine and scanner that enables you to convert scanned texts in a file to editable formats. An upside to the UPDF converter is that it’s supported in 23 major languages.


The UPDF Converter is simple to navigate. To make your job more productive, it offers batch conversions. UPDF offers exceptional conversion accuracy while preserving the original formatting style. You can convert password-secured PDFs to editable versions.

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With its extraordinarily user-friendly yet sophisticated tool for converting PDF files to Doc, SmallPDF lives up to expectations. You can upload any PDF file you want to convert using the primary Drag and Drop tool. Users can count on a top-notch finished product because the files are processed without reducing the quality.


SmallPDF is supported by a large number of cloud-based servers that specialize in swiftly converting PDF files to Word documents. SmallPDF’s capacity to execute cloud conversions is one reason it stands out from other file converters. Additionally, it has a strict privacy policy to guarantee that your documents are always protected.

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Google PDF converter

The Google PDF Converter is a cost-free online PDF to Word converter which is accessible as a Chrome add-on. You can simply convert PDF to Text, Word, Excel, PPT, Open Source, PostScript, HTML, Images, and vice versa by selecting it from the list of your browser extensions.


Since it’s a Google product, you can count on it to integrate easily with all other Google services, such as Gmail, Drive, Slides, Forms, Sheets, etc. You will have an efficient PDF converter at your disposal with just one click.


After conversion, you can download it to your Drive or send the PDF file through email. You do not have to worry about downloading it on your device since the tool is an extension. The only downside to this is that it has a limited range and size of documents it can convert.

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Zamzar is one of the most effective online PDF to word converters that are available to you at no cost. In addition to converting PDF to Docx, Zamzar also facilitates document conversions between various formats, including EPUB, DOC, JPG, JPEG, CR2, CRW, HTML, ODP, TXT, PDF, CSV, DWG, GIF, and many more.


PDF files can be converted using Zamzar in just four clicks. Follow these steps:


  • Choose the files or URL to convert.
  • Select the format to convert to.
  • To receive converted files, enter your email address and click “Convert”.
  • After you have loaded your document, you will see buttons to help control the output format.
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Additionally, you can protect your PDF files with passwords and add watermarks to your document. However, Zamzar can only convert one PDF file at a time, and waiting for the converted file to arrive in your email can take a while.


CloudConvert is a software program that can convert PDF into different formats. And it is perfect for you if you regularly convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa. You can use CloudConvert to convert a PDF file into a DOX file, then edit the DOX file in Microsoft Word.


CloudConvert editing software maintains the original document’s formatting even after it convert JPG to PDF, so you don’t have to rearrange elements in the editable document. It also preserves the quality of images in the original file.

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You can link CloudConvert with a Google Drive folder through Zapier. This software converts files of less than 1GB for free, making it ideal for people looking to cut costs.


PDFPen is a powerful file editing tool that allows you to access, view, convert and search PDF files fast and efficiently. The cherry on top for tablet users is the ability to view and convert two documents concurrently in different windows.


You can convert your PDFs with the confidence that you are getting nothing short of quality. PDFPen offers much more than just PDF conversion; you can perform other PDF edits with this tool.

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PDF online

PDF online provides only a fundamental PDF conversion tool for free. To use this tool to convert PDF into word, all you need to do is upload the document you want to convert, select the output format, and wait for the outcome. It has a sluggish UI, which is the only downside to this software.


However, it may prove useful occasionally for converting PDF files. If you are looking for an advanced PDF tool, we advise you to explore it elsewhere because PDF online can only convert PDF to other formats and vice versa.


Since digital documents, mainly PDFs, are becoming essential in today’s society, it is vital to convert PDFs to or from another format in our work and study. With the tools discussed in this post, you can convert PNG to PDF and vice versa. Modify your PDF files with some of the advanced features offered by these tools.

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