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Essay writing is a popular task that you may need to do in college or university. It is even the assignment that technical students need to write. If you are not a philology student, written assignments can be challenging for you. You will not have enough writing skills to create a well-structured paper.

Essays are often the tasks given at the end of the term. That is why you may not have enough time to figure out how to do it. Most students need assistance with essays, and they spend their time preparing for exams. One online service where you can find help is DoMyEssay.net. Paying the experts in the company will save you much time and bring a high mark.

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Using Quotes Essays Header Image

Using Quotes Essays Header Image


Quotations In Essays

Writing essays yourself can be challenging, and you need to follow important tips. One of the most complicated steps in writing a paper is using quotations. Some students do not understand how to use them properly. They write quotes in any place in their essays and in any situation. This is the wrong way to use quotes, and your mark can be greatly reduced because of this.

The use of quotations has many purposes and allows you to present your thoughts better. First, quotations present the literature that you cite in your essay. You can show how directly the authors stated their opinion. Then, you can describe and analyze the quotes. Professors often ask students in the instructions to provide direct quotations. This allows them to see how they analyze scientific literature. In some cases, your task in the essay can be based on quotations themselves. But how should you write quotes in your essay properly?

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1. Do Not Use Too Many Quotations

The use of quotations has different rules in every formatting style. So, before you write them, you should figure out which style you need to follow. In most academic papers, you can use no more than 30 percent of quotations compared to the whole text. Another important tip is not to make each quote too long. It is better to use several of them for different situations.

2. Do Not Plagiarize

Plagiarism checking programs look for similar sentences in several sources and compare them. If you copy a quote to paste in your essay, it also exists in other sources. This means that your paper can be considered plagiarized. To cope with the problem, you should minimize the use of quotations. It is also important to cite every quote and provide the page number where it is found.

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3. Make Sure That The Quote Corresponds To The Topic

Students can by mistake place irrelevant quotations to make an essay look better. Yet, every quote should be used depending on the topic and situations you describe. They should show the situation and present your arguments. Otherwise, your professor may reduce your mark because you only waste the word count. If there is no need for quotations, you should not use them at all.

4. Mind The Place Where You State The Quotation

An important rule when writing a quotation is its correct place. You should not place it at the start or at the end of a sentence. It is better if the quotation does not end the first or the last sentence in the paragraph. Try not to put the quote as a whole sentence. It is better to use it as part of the sentence to better demonstrate its purpose.

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How To Put A Quote Into Your Text

If you are going to cite a quotation, you should follow several steps:

1. State The Author Of The Quote

Before you enter the quote, you should first present its author. An author is a person who has written the book or article you are citing. You can write it before the quotation or at the end of it in brackets. Do not forget to state the year of publication and the page where you have found the quote.

2. Enter The Quotation

After you state the author, you should provide the quote in quotation marks. If you need to present only part of the quote, you can shorten it. To do this, replace the unnecessary words with an ellipsis. Make sure you place a reference for the citation at the end of the essay.

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3. Briefly Describe The Quotation

The next step is to describe in short what the author of the quotation means. It is necessary for your reader to understand why you use the quote and what it talks about.

4. Analyze The Quotation

Then, you should analyze the quote based on your text. You should explain what the author means and what is the quote presents. You can also analyze it in sentences for a better understanding.

5. Analyze The Quotation Based On The Argument

In most cases, a quote is a means to present and prove your argument. So, you need to state its relevance to the argument and how it proves it.

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The Best Essay Writing Service

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3. Security

The experts write each paper from scratch, so your professor will not know you have ordered it. The company never shares your personal data with the writers.

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4. 100% Originality

Each essay in the service is created with 100% originality. Before you get the paper, it is checked using plagiarism checking tools.

5. Customer Support

If you have any questions, you can always ask the managers in customer support. The support works round the clock to help you.

Using Quotes Essays Article Image

Using Quotes Essays Article Image


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