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This is so funny, and as the expression goes, “We lie like a rug.” Chances are, if you are flirting with someone online, you aren’t completely 100% truthful about yourself when it comes to your height, weight or age. On the flip side of that, does it cause anyone any harm when we fudge a little on that stuff? After all, we all promote ourselves online in the best way we know how, we use the avatar we think will serve our purposes best, and we strategically share certain pieces of information and omit others. Maybe it’s easier to be a little less than forthcoming when there isn’t the element of eye contact or holding hands. Is that so bad? Really? Am I just trying to somehow justify flat out lying? Hmm, I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

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About four months ago, I wrote an article called Social Media’s Effect On Romantic Relationships. When I was researching for that article, I learned that one in eight marriages in the States starts on some sort of social media or dating website. There are over 1,500 active dating sites in the US, and there are more popping up every day. No matter what kind of person you want to date, chances are you can find him or her online.

According to this infographic called Looking For Love Online by MBA Programs, it’s important to know that you might have to do your own little calculation with the information your love interest gives you. As long as you are okay with keeping this algorithm in your mind and translating the math, we are all good. Below is the formula, and of course these are only the averages.

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Whatever a guy tells you, just add 2 pounds to his weight, subtract a half inch from his height and add six months to his age.


Whatever a girl tells you, just add 8.5 pounds to her weight and 1.5 years to her age (we obviously don’t care enough about our height to lie about it).

I can’t stop laughing about this. Are we all that insecure? I guess so. We all know it’s true in the back of our minds, right? I say screw all this and become a gamer instead. Everyone knows gamers are hot, and they secretly get all the girls. I even wrote about that once in Gamers Get Girls: Online Gaming vs. Online Dating. I mean, have you ever watched a guy play Mass Effect 3? #justsayin

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Via: [WebProNews] Image Credit: [We Know Memes]

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