Distance learning is now the norm. While governments and institutions are pushing people off campuses because of the Covid-19 pandemic, students are choosing to learn online. The internet also allows you to buy homework assignments so that you can spend your time on more interesting topics or personal engagements. 

Distractions at home can slow down your productivity and make it difficult to submit assignments on time. There are many distractions, from background music to temptation to check your social media and a television show that looks inviting. What can you do to avoid distractions and increase your study? These are some great tips to keep in mind.

  • Switch off all distractions
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You can recognize distractions that could affect your studies and turn them off. You can also run away or take other deliberate actions to stop them from affecting your studies. You can identify these distractions and take action to stop them interfering in your work.

Music, videos, games and TV shows are the most distracting distractions. Turn off all these devices and put the remote away from your desk. If distractions are caused by third parties, you should take steps to reach out to them and find a solution. You might agree to study hours with your roommates.

  • Distract yourself from any distractions
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It is possible to fall prey to the temptation to play video games or watch a movie. You can avoid falling prey to temptation and failing to reach your goals by moving the study table away. You can resist temptation by returning to your sitting room to turn on the TV for a program.

If you only have one room to use for your study, it is a good idea to move the table so that you can’t see the screen and it is difficult to turn it off. Switch off any gadgets that are connected to the power socket to avoid the temptation of reaching for the remote. You can avoid this temptation if it is too difficult to resist it.

  • You can negotiate for space with other members of the house
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Each member of the household has the right to a comfortable place to live. It will be distracting to study at home. You might have a roommate who works the night shift. If you’re looking for a way to unwind with music and relax, this could be a good option. To avoid conflict, it will take negotiation to be able to share the space and time well.

You should be prepared for an exchange of ideas. You might have to get up earlier in order to study more, while your roommates may need to be up earlier to use the entertainment devices. Sometimes, your roommate may want to watch a movie or listen to music while you study. Talk about the possibilities and decide how you will use the space.

  • Create a study schedule
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Distractions can come from within, but not always. Because they are hidden behind excuses, internal distractions can be the most difficult to overcome. You may find it difficult to get motivated to study because you don’t like the environment or the hours. You can tune your body and mind to learn at a specific time. You will find that they are calm enough to allow you to focus on your studies for hours without interruptions.

  • You can use unconventional hours

To avoid distractions, adjust your study hours. To get a few hours more of study, you can either wake up early or stay up late. You can choose a time that your friends won’t need to use entertainment devices. It is possible to settle for hours even if your favorite show is not on.

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There is little competition for your attention when you work unconventional hours. You won’t miss your favorite shows or entertainment because you are studying. These hours will allow you to work faster and give yourself a reward by watching a movie or playing a video game when it is convenient.

  • Buy noise-canceling booths and headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can be a great help if you find it difficult to keep roommates from moving or work in another room. These headphones allow you to create a personal environment so that family members and roommates can enjoy their space while you study. Physical movement will not distract you. This is one of the most effective tricks, as you don’t have to fight for space or stop others from enjoying their comfort.

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Mute notifications to avoid distractions from your gadgets like phones and laptops. A study booth can also be used to block out noise and distract your eyes from other distractions. You will be able to do more in a shorter time if you are able to keep distractions at bay. This will improve your productivity while studying at home.

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