People often say that you should spend lavishly on your wedding as it is one of the biggest days in your life. But, when we put things into perspective- it’s “a” day in your life. So, you should spend wisely and save money for your future.

As a new couple, you will have lots to spend on. New house, furniture, etc. So, here are some tips on how to save money on your wedding.

Allocate funds

Before you send out your wedding invitations card. You need to allocate your funds. For example, how much you are going to spend on a particular thing. You can start by allocating a full budget and then divide that money into different aspects such as venue, food, etc.

And this way, you will know what you have to spend and you will not overspend on things. Similarly, when you can, try saving some money from the allocated funds as well. If you are trying to pay $1000 for something, try to find a day that will be done for $800.

Look for preloved dresses

Brides spend a lot of money on their wedding dresses. However, the harsh reality is that you’re only going to use your wedding dress one time. So, you can try and save money on your wedding dress by ordering a pre-loved dress.

You can start by looking at different marketplaces or asking around. If you get hold of a dress, you can always order it and add more things to make it appropriate for your day.

The money that you save on your wedding dress can be spent on your day today closing. So, thank wisely and do not go broke over one dress.

Hire newbie photographers

Apart from wedding dresses, people have to spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography. However, there are many new photographers that would love to participate in your big day to make a mark for themselves. So, try and look for new photographers who will charge you way less.

You can always guide them on how you want the pictures to turn out. And trust us, people who are new in the industry do a far better job. Simply for one reason, they have to make a mark for themselves. So on your big day, help someone get the first gig and get great photographs in return.

Do it at home

Thanks to Covid, people have realized that it’s not actually hard to host a wedding at your house. All you have to do is invite fewer people. So, to save money on your venue, you can try and set up a wedding set up at your house.

If you have a garden then it is the best place for a daytime wedding. You can hire a decor company for minimal decor. After the wedding, you can easily pop out for an after-party. However, you can also host a party at your house.


It is extremely important to spend wisely on your wedding. It is because you can spend that money on more important things. So, try to incorporate things like save-the-date templates and spend smartly on your big day.

Similarly, when you make a guest list, try and see if you can leave some people out. Because the harsh reality is that you will have a handful of people that will be cheerful for you on your big day. So, try to throw them a great party rather than inviting more people to host a mediocre one.

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