English as a subject can be intimidating at times, especially when the students are asked to use the language on their own, or when they have breaches in their basics. But the importance of this subject cannot be reduced or confined based on its difficulty. English is essential not only in school studies but also in any national or state level, professional or academic examinations. The spread of English in the country and also in the whole world has made it very important for various purposes such as commercial, academic, communicational, and so on. And when the competition is so high, as it is nowadays, it’s always better to realize the importance of this subject and have a special focus on it from an early stage.

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Class 5 is one of those stages which can be considered as the prime time to start building the base for English. Apart from school exams, there are other platforms such as IEO Class 5, which test the young students’ grasp of the language and grammar and show them the right path to follow. Class 5 is a stage where the understudies are generally responsive. They can adapt and learn easily, thus sowing the seed of excellence in this age can make their stand on this path in the coming time firmer. But IEO is one of the toughest school-level tests, and it requires strong dedication, hard work, and a brilliant strategy. In exams like this, previous years’ papers have much weightage; hence, the students are advised to go as back as IEO Class 5 2013 Question Paperand then move forward. Below are given some points that will help the IEO class 5 aspirants in their preparation:

  1. Syllabus for Exam and Question Pattern: IEO focuses mainly on the language and the grammar portion of English. Its evaluation system, its question pattern, and the perspective of importance are also different school exams. IEO focuses more on the fundamentals of the language – how the language is used, different elements of language, different parts of the grammar, the subtleties of the language, etc. The students are advised to go through the syllabus and the question pattern, to have a brief idea about what they are going to prepare and how they are going to prepare. 
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First Section: Collocations, Spellings, Idioms; Words identified with sentiments, Food, Travels, Health, Character, Appearance, and so forth; Homonyms and homophones, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, and Phrasal Verbs, Adverbs, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Punctuation, Active-Passive Voice and Reported Speech, Synonyms and Antonyms, etc.

Second Section: Understanding Information Given in News reports, Time-tables, Messages, and so forth; Search for and recover data from different message types like Messages, News features, Letters, and so on; Acquire expansive comprehension of and search for explicit data in short messages like messages, menu card exchanges, and so on.

Third Section: The Ability of Understanding Situation-based Variations in Functions like Refusals, Apologies, Requests, Greetings, and so forth.

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fourth Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions dependent on the first, second, and third segments.

 When it comes to the question paper, the students have to solve 50 questions in the exam in a limited time of an hour. Among these 50 questions, 45 are one-mark questions and the other 5 carry 3 marks each. 

  1. Source of Materials: There are various ways in which a student can prepare for the IEO class 5. International English Olympiad Workbook Class 5 can be helpful for the students, as it is composed of subject experts and scholars of the country. This book intends to provide each student with authentic information, clear concepts, and solid bases. Multiple standard exercise sets can be found in this book for the students to practice. NCERT books are also available for class 5 English. It is considered to be the best book for school exams. Practising the exercise sets provided in NCERT also can do much help to the students. Apart from these, there are sample questions to be gathered, mock tests to be attended, and previous years’ papers to be solved.
  2. Note-taking and Proper Revisions: When the students are preparing for an exam like IEO, note-taking plays an essential part in the preparation. As can be seen from the syllabus, there are a lot of topics to be covered, and all of them are equally important in the context of the examination. So, note-taking can be helpful for the students to remember the basics such as methods, rules, and variations of every topic. Next comes revision. Without it, the preparation remains incomplete. Through proper revisions, the students gain confidence in themselves, and they come one step closer to cracking the IEO exam. 
  3. Harbouring the Right Attitude: For the IEO aspirants, many things can depend on their attitude towards the exam. Sometimes, even when a student has great preparation, her/his attitude, whether overconfidence or fear of the exam, can ruin everything. So, it is important to harbour an attitude that neither underestimates the exam nor be scared of it. This gives the correct view of the exam, and the students can perform without being too nervous or too smug.
  4. Being Health Conscious: No matter what kind of exam one is going to take, or how difficult or big it is, without a healthy body a good performance cannot be elicited. One must maintain a healthy diet that includes a lot of water, and the proper amount of sleep. Without these, the students are susceptible to stress and anxiety. And these things can cause some serious harm to their performance. So, being health conscious is also important and is a part of preparation.
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The International English Olympiad is a highly recommended exam for the students of all classes. It not only brings good results in school exams but also inculcates the language in the students. IEO creates a solid foundation of English in the students, and it also makes the fundamentals of the language crystal clear. Hence, the students become more creative and courageous while using the language on their own. Proper knowledge of the language not only improves one’s oratory skills but also contributes to the building of a great personality.

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