April 17

2024 Digital Advertising Trends: What to Expect


Similar to 2023, 2024 has been a red-letter year in terms of online marketing. Some strategies have fallen by the wayside while others are now more relevant than ever before. What is the current state of play? Are some approaches more potent than others? Is it possible to predict future challenges? These are all completely valid questions and each deserves more attention.

The Surprising Role of Domain Name Suffixes

Most online business owners are aware of how the name of their website will impact its perception by the general public. However, a greater mount of emphasis is now being placed upon dommain names and their respective suffixes. Suffixes are able to convey the professionalism of a site, its transparency and even highlight specific industries (such as .tech and .io).

The Smart Side of Online Advertising

Businesses will likewise need to devote even more of their efforts to ensure that they remain well ahead of the online competition. While this has represented a predominant digital marketing trend for some time, it now pays to work smart as opposed to hard. Firms have begun to outsource typical marketing requirements to third-party specialists and this is certainly no mistake. These companies possess the time and resources required to hone well-rounded campaigns that can be moulded around specific advertising goals. This is often a much more efficient approach when compared to relying upon limited in-house expertise.

Artificial Intelligence Enters Into the Mix

While software bundles such as ChatGPT have garnered a fair amount of attention in recent times, this technology is still rather new. Another lesser-known method that has already proven itself comes in the form of predictive marketing algorithms. These clever packages are capable of collating massive amounts of data in order to interpret the effectiveness of current strategies and to hone even more effective approaches in the future. Many well-rounded online advertising platforms already offer predictive analyses as a standard feature, so integration is generally simple and straightforward.

Personalisation is Key

Another trend associated with the world of digital advertising in 2024 involves how more personalised approaches are set to take centre stage. The days of generic strategies have long since faded. Furthermore, consumers are much less likely to be enticed by so-called “cookie-cutter” techniques. This requires businesses to think outside of the box in order to curate customised solutions in accordance with their target audience. Whether referring to social media marketing, automated emails, rewards programmes, or product recommendations, clients expect to be treated as individuals as opposed to statistics.

Quality Media Content

Although the written word is still a powerful advertising tool, online marketing is nonetheless witnessing a slight shift in terms of how businesses choose to present themselves to the general public. Images and embedded videos are two key examples. This is even more relevant when we consider how many customers utilise mobile devices to access a website.

2024 is set to be yet another interesting year for the digital advertising community. This is why it is equally entertaining to predict what 2025 may have in store.



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